Interesting links


Flightdeck Solutions: Peter Cos and his team make just perfect looking panels / hardware for sim's. Just have a look and start to dream!


AST: The guys from AST are developing a very good looking A320 glass cockpit software - unfortunately ther's a "big silence" from them since the last sw update and also documentation of the software is very weak. I paid a lot of money for the software, but I'm pretty sure next time I would take another product, just because documentation and missing product improovement...

Related aviation links

Meriweather's A320 cockpit: Do you have to know, which button makes what in the cockpit? Jerome Meriweather has a fantastic page which guides you through!

Smart Cockpit: Fantastic page with lots of manuals for the Airbus A320 and also other airplane types - here you can get (almost) everything!

SimAir: A great Boeing 777 simulator based on hardware of Flightdeck Solutions. Hardware is as always in a fantastic quality, but mostly impressed I was of the visual system - a huge 180 degree sceen with 3 beamers. Great feeling in the sim and cool staff for the trainig!

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