Limitation starts there, where rationality ends!

So basically I set the limitations in this project by myself with the following priorities:


The sim is located in the attic of my house. Given by the roof angle and the hight of this room (it’s not a full room) there are some fix limitations I will never be able to avoid. So a fix cockpit shell is just not possible in my location and will never be installed.

Available parts / price:

The availablility of the parts and it’s price is an important reason for limitations in my project as well. It is still a hobby and it does not have the main focus to spend money on this.
Limitation hers is: If a part is very expensive but absolutely necessary to fly – like e.g. the thrust lever – somehow I have to find a way to buy, even if it takes a lot of time to save the money. But not that important but as well expensive parts like e.g. the upper CB overhead will not be a point of discussion to buy.

Technical knowhow:

An important point which will limit myself. Especially in the electronical part I have problems to follow the way I would like to have the sim done. So the limitation is there, where I can not find any further information in the web or support of other colleagues who support me technically I have to give up and build the parts in...