Next planned steps

(Planned priority from top to down...)

Frame construction / shell

As described on the "Limitations" page I have no chance to buy one of the available shells from FDS due to available space. So it is in preparation for the overhead section a must to try to make a wooden construction which represents the shell as good as possible - mainly inside - to place all the necessay elements later there.

Overhead panels

After finishing shell construction next step will be to start with all the necessary overhead panels. Construction will base on the FDS's overhead frame. I will try to buy the most needed panels first - saving mony already sartet... :-)

Visual system

Once "shell" and overhead are ready, I seriously have to think about a new "visual" system. OK, due to space I can't think about a system with 180° screen and 3 beamers, but at least 3 tv screens with about 42" should replace my current 3 19" lcd monitors.